Tan Vampires - "Digital Rot"

Artist: Tan Vampires
Song: Digital Rot
Album: For Physical Fitness

© 2012

Directed by Jeremy S. Collins

When I first heard “Digital Rot”, I immediately thought of an old, half-developed idea that I had for a video; a stack of old TV’s that together create a single image. After getting positive feedback from the guys in the band, I began to hash out the rest of the video’s concept: the storyline within the TVs.

I came up with the idea that the video’s protagonist would be going about his day, but each person he interacted with would change into a computer. I wanted everything to look jagged, so I decided that everything needed to be manually done; nothing could be faked. Rather than filming a single shot, cutting it up, and dividing it into the TVs, the action on every individual television was filmed separately and then together they created the shot’s full image. Also, during the stage in which the TV stack was filmed, the TVs were actually playing the picture; not digitally added in. To achieve this, each one was hooked up to its own DVD player; and all nine were synced together by hand.

There were lots of technical & logistic issues that needed to be taken into account, such as making sure all the framing lined up so it made sense as a uniform image, working with the old TV screens and accounting for the way they cut off the outer edges of the picture, and the fact that each DVD player motor kicks up at a different speed.

There was an abundance of mapping, timing, synchronization, and careful planning that went into each stage of production for this music video, but it simply breaks down to just watching a video on some old televisions.